Selenium WebDriver Java

2) Download Selenium WebDriver

Now, as we know that, to kickstart the automation journey using Selenium and JAVA, we majorly need three pre-requisites:

  • Installing and Setting up JAVA
  • Installing and Setting up an IDE (IntelliJ or Eclipse)
  • Downloading Selenium WebDriver

In this article, we will be covering the details for the 3rd essential pre-requisite, which is downloading the Selenium WebDriver for the corresponding platform. We will be covering the details of downloading the Selenium WebDriver for Windows platforms:

  1. First, you can download the WebDriver java client from the official Selenium website. After that, click on the Download link for the Java driver.

2. Once the zip file download is complete, Extract the file so that you see the unzipped Selenium Java folder.




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Dayana Loydd

Software Tester

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